I designed their flagship recruiting chatbot and the accompanying conversation flow designer. "Best Innovative Tech Solution" by Lighthouse Research & Advisory's HR Tech Awards, 2022 User Experience Design    |    User Research    |    Design System
A Brief History

Sense transformed from an ATS add-on product that helped automate data writebacks from recruiter-created campaigns to an all-in-one product suite to automate at scale for agencies. Recruiters were having difficulties maintaining their 1-on-1 candidate relationships, and a good chunk of that effort was manual and time- consuming. The chatbot product idea was born - to help automate tasks and help foster better relationships between agencies and their candidates pool.

In 2019, Sense set out to become the only all-in-one recruiting solution for agencies. I was hired to lead product design for the latest addition to their product suite - the recruiting chatbot.

My Favorite Projects at Sense

Here are some projects I'm leading or have led product design on. All of these have all shipped, or will soon!

Chatbot 1.0 MVP
Shipped 2020

Our Chatbot MVP served a crucial purpose for us and our customers during the pandemic. As mass layoffs were hapening, and opportunities seemed to evaporate, our Chatbot served to not only increase the number of candidates at the top of the recruiting funnel by increasing outreach - but it also reduced contract churn that was inevitable with our client base. We shipped a candidate chatbot experience and a way to build your own conversation flow in less than a year.

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Chatbot 2.0
Ongoing Project

Chatbot 2.0, or "Mission Bot" as it's called internally, is part of our new redesign of the chatbot conversation flow designer. With this product, we will be bringing AI and Machine Learning to the forefront of the experience. The basis of the project lies in training models for how chatbot will understand and parse responses.

Coming Soon

Multi-Number Inbox
Shipped 2019

The Chrome extension for Sense Messaging is one of the most used products by our recruiter user base. It allows messaging to happen in the extension's side panel so recruiters never exist their natural workflow. However, there was no way to easily switch from inbox to inbox, which is a common use case for recruiting agencies where recruiters manage more than one inbox to messsage candidates from. Multi-inbox solves this problem, but compiling all the inboxes into a single view.

Coming Soon

How Chabot is doing in the wild

Since launching our MVP back in 2020, we've added over 10 new features and improved on technical specs to optimize the chatbot building experience including: a meeting creation integration, automated chatbot flow publisher, ATS writeback for collected data, job matching capabailities, candidate record creation and updates, and data review. Our first use case, data enrichment, remains to be the most popular use case across our customers.