I designed their proprietary Signals feature and redesigned their IP Licensing and Brand Protection platform. User Experience Design    |    User Research    |    Design System
A Brief History

Ruvixx is SaaS platform designed to streamline IP licensing and brand protection workflows. Ruvixx centralizes data and project management across internal teams and external partners through a platform with modern collaborative tools, strong data management capabilities, impactful analytics and access to targeted external data.

In 2015, I was hired to refresh their branding and redesign their platform. It's worth noting that Ruvixx appears to have pivoted from IP protection - but this product was on the market for at least 3 years after I departed the company. Since my work with Ruvixx is over 5 years old at this point - I do not think it is a good representation of my skills and thusly have redacted my case studies. However, a case study pdf of each project listed below is available by request.


When thinking of Ruvixx 2.0, the team wanted a feature that could set them apart from the competition. The Ruvixx platform works by scraping the web for any piece of data that could relate to the client's product, IP, brand, and even contracts or partnerships. This means, we have a lot of data points- that individually may seem insignificant - but together, may reveal a larger story that could prove significant to our users. Signals was our way to tell a story to our users, stitched together by various data points with an assigned viability rating.

Case study available upon request.


There are many different types of intellectual property (IP) assets that provide constant revenue streams- patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets - to name a few. Holding those licensees accountable for owed royalty payments can be difficult, especially if each contract is a unique relationship between the licensor and licensee. Still, it doesn't stop non-licensees to infringe on an IP. The goal of the forecast tool was to not just show recurring revenue streams from formal contracts, but to also show potential revenue from infringement cases, contract renewals, incidents and projects so our users could have a better understanding of the impact those opportunities have on their IP.

Case study available upon request.


As a brand, Ruvixx had little visual consistency beyond their orange logo and sans serif fonts. My first day as their designer was spent poking around their platform and website to familiarize myself with their current interface elements. The website featured a more modern feel with its use of bright colors and abstract geometric pattern, while the platform looked dated with its use of gray gradients. While both had issues with legibility, the style inconsistency is what I wanted to focus on first.

Case study available upon request.

A Sample of Designs

Back when I was still reliant on Adobe Illustrator, I created separate mocks with annotations to handoff designs to engineering.