Orion Labs

I designed the Command Center and led all design efforts for web products. User Experience Design    |    User Research    |    Design System
A Brief History

Orion Labs is dedicated to connecting people, organizations, and devices through seamless voice communication. Combined with their push-to-talk device - the Onyx, and their mobile app, Orion Labs has been working on a plan to spearhead their way into the enterprise space. Within 8 months of joining, the platform I designed was announced at the IWCE conference in Las Vegas on March 27, 2017.

I was brought onto the team to lead web-based product design for the enterprise platform. I also designed their internal sales tool, a subscription plan experience, and created packaging designs for the rugged smart walkie-talkie, known as the Sync device. As part of the design team, I contributed to the new branding style and helped procure various marketing collateral such as tradeshow banners and email template design.

Some Projects I shipped

Projects I shipped during my time at Orion Labs

The Command Center MVP
Shipped 2017

This was the company's pivot project into the enterprise space. After years of selling their smart-walkie-talkie (the Onyx device), Orion Labs moved to spearhead how to bring this device to other business. The goal of creating the Command Center was to allow account provisioning for the Onyx across organizations within specified teams.

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The Command Center 2.0
Shipped 2018

This version of the Command Center includes a subscription plan between Basic and Pro. This version also include an in-platform e-commerce flow for order Onyx and related accessories and a license provisioning flow.

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