Joined as the sole designer to lead all design efforts across the company. Acquired by Ciox Health in July 2020. User Experience Design    |    Interface Design    |    Visual Design
A Brief History

Medal enterprise software enables secure, HIPAA compliant sharing and cataloguing of clinical information from any electronic medical records system, including reports and summaries using natural language processing. Simple and inexpensive, it installs in seconds, creating a virtual, secure, shared record for each patient encounter while managing access and consent. Up-to-date individual data is collected and used effectively to create holistic patient profiles to feed decision support for providers and patients, driving improved health outcomes.

I was hired to be their in-house designer, responsible for all things product design, marketing collateral, and revamping the website. Before I joined, the platform was designed with the help of a contractor. I continued to utilize the original design system - adding on to it as needed. During my time at Modal, I mostly worked with the VP of Product and engineering to ship new features for their annotation tool and record data extraction platform.

During talks of acquisition, I felt like my time at Medal was coming to end. I was transitioned to be a part-time contractor, then eventually laid off. Such is the risk when joining an early-stage start-up. However, I appreciate being able to work with a talented team and learning about the healthcare industry as it relates to sensitive information and data management.

My Favorite Projects at Medal

Here are some projects I led.

Shipped 2019

A tool to annotate medical records and create customized labels. This feature includes a redesigned annotation menu, a way to customize those labels, and a versioning workflow for annotators.

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API Integration Portal
Shipped 2020

This was the last project I worked on for Medal. To help others utilize our annotation tool, we created an API Integration Portal with a documentation on how to set it up.

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Website & Illustration
Shipped 2019

Used in marketing collateral and in the new website I helped design.

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