👋 Hi. I'm Toni.

I'm a product designer, with experience leading end-to-end design cycles for enterprise SaaS platforms. I've designed for a variety of industries, such as: healthcare, telecommunications, business intelligence, big data, recruiting, education, games, and finance.

How did you get into product design?

I was lucky and got my first ux design job while completing my master's in game design, and I stuck with it. Originally, I wanted to be a level designer and even taught Unreal Engine at ID Tech Camp. But, in the end, the games industry didn't seem for me. Other previous tech experience includes freelancing as a web designer, graphic designer, and a QA tester.

What is your product design process?

My process is dependent on a few things, such as: the size of the team and company, the kind of product development cycle in place, and the product are we designing. The constants of my process are first, understanding the problem in context of business priorities and users. Secondly, gather technical constraints from my team. And then, going through rounds of designs and feedback sessions before final design review and engineering hand-off. In my experience, nothing is ever "final", there's always something to improve on.

How do you work best?

I can work alone or on a team. My most ideal situation would be to have design ownership over a product, but having fellow designers on other product teams I can collaborate with and get design feedback from. I thrive when I can work automously and retain some sort of independence, while still having support available for when I need it.

What kind of work excites you?

I prefer to work on things that differ from my previous experience. Discovery is one of my favorite phases of product design because I enjoy learning new things and I welcome a challenge that forces me to orient myself in a new space - be it an industry I'm unfamiliar or having to utilize skills I might be less comfortable with. In short - I like forcing myself out of my comfort zone. It's fun.

Why aren't you on LinkedIn?

I'm actually not on any social media because I value my privacy. As such, I refrain from posting any photos or identifying information online. It's not like I'm a complete hermit though, I stay in touch with my friends and family via text. I might even call someone once in a while. 👵